Welcome on the website of Melissa Diaz!

In the Netherlands and abroad
Since January 2012, I am active as an independent ‘public health advisor’ under the name of MUNDIAZ Health Support. I am a medical doctor, specialized in tropical medicine, and Master of International Health. From this perspective, I engage myself in different kinds of health-care related activities -for various humanitarian organizations and government institutions- both in the Netherlands and abroad. I have a broad public health scope, and a specific expertise in STI control and obesity care through combined lifestyle interventions. Other areas of interest include ‘health care policy advise’, ‘health system research’ and ‘quality of care’.

Equal health perspectives for all
My vision on health care is that it should be accessible and of good quality for everyone, documented or not documented, rich or poor. This in order to ensure equal health perspectives for all. This is one of the main objectives of my work.