As a medical professional and Master of International Health, I like to engage myself in different kinds of activities in order to contribute to quality health care for all:

Policy advice
This concerns advice on policy development and implementation in the field of public health. I have experience in different topics, including sexual and reproductive health, obesity, infectious disease control and chronic care. Any topic however, is a topic of interest, as I enjoy digging into any topic with public health impact.

Evaluations and Assessments
This usually concerns midterm or endterm evaluations in order to measure the effects and/or coverage of an intervention or project. Furthermore, it may concern needs-assessments and baseline measurements prior to the start of a project or intervention.

Health System Research
This form of research answers questions, including ‘which are the factors influencing the health care seeking behaviour of migrants’ or ‘which are the contributing factors of high HIV drug prices’ etc. ┬áDifferent strategies and methods can be used to address these questions. I am happy to be involved in different stages of the process, from the developing of the research proposal to the data analysis and reporting.

Most often I am involved in the training of general practitioners and medical students, e.g. on travel medicine, sexual health and international health related topics. In addition, I often participate in workshops during conferences, especially in the field of STI and HIV control.

Medical Care
Despite the broad spectrum of activities in the field of international and public health, I am still inspired by direct patient care. Therefore, I presently still work as a clinician, in a general practice.